Sunday, October 21, 2012


Oh dang!  The Major Lazer show might have been the best thing I've been to ever !!! *.  People were losing their minds.  Some lost their minds (and their meals) before the show even started.  One fool was lumbering around/dancing in his sweat soaked shirt and I thought, "that guy is going to be trouble".  Minutes later he pushed people out of the way and seriously sprayed some vomit over the floor and probably some people.  Disgusting.  The funniest part was when another dude started dancing in the puke, not knowing what it was, because it helped him slide and dance around.

Thennnn, we went to the after party.  Those girls by the window were shaking it and dude outside were staring with their mouths open.  So great.  I love Oakland.

I want this outfit for Palm Springs.

*In line with the George Michael concert and getting married at SF City Hall.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Positive spin

This week has been a little off and I haven't been feeling so great but instead of whining too much, here's the positive side to things.

1. I am lucky to have a job.
2. Studies have shown that migraine sufferers have above average intelligence.
3. My cats are healthy.