Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday party

We went up to the North Coast for some birthday celebratin' this weekend.  It was so sunny and warm on the deck of our rental but super windy at the beach.  We ate some fancy cheeses, drank mojitos and stopped at a handful of beaches.  You know, the usual.

Self timer high five in Mendocino (3,2,1, AWWW MAN!)

Point Arena.
Mendocino waves
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse.  
There is a gift shop housed in here now and you have to pay 5$ to look in the gift shop.  Lame.

Noisy visitor

On the way home from a day visit in Fort Bragg we stopped in at a bar called Beacon Light by the Sea that a friend recommended.  I didn't take any photos because I was too afraid.  The bar is only open Fridays and Saturdays from 5-11pm and you can tell that it's open by a bright red flashing light at the top of a hill in Elk, CA.  The drive up the hill was really dark and the parking lot was filled with emergency vehicles and run down trucks.  I wanted to leave but sucked it up because it wasn't my birthday.

We went inside and there was a HUGE great Dane snoozing at the entrance.  We'd heard that the owner makes fun of people who order lame drinks but he seemed happy to have new visitors to talk to and didn't say anything when we ordered cheap beers.  He told us he was born on the property 71 years ago and worked as a firefighter and is a self taught vet.  He told us stories of deer, dogs and men that he fixed and that all the work he did was top notch because he sterilized his instruments with the autoclave in the back room.  He also claimed to have a dentist chair back there.

He didn't stop telling stories the whole time!  His 4 exes (wives and girlfriends) are all on the property and he later told us that nobody messes with him because he has an excavator that goes so deep that nobody would ever find the person again.  Made me wonder if his ex ladies were actually alive. The NY Times reviewed it as a place to go in Mendocino.

It was late and really dark when we went but the owner said the view was great during the day.  We'll have to go back! 

Windy Gualala

Have you been to the Sea Ranch Chapel?  I heard about it a few weeks ago when a featured instagrammer had a photo of it.  We've been going to the North Coast twice a year for 2 years and I'd never seen it, even though it's on the main highway.  Sea Ranch is that fancy place where all the houses are built to blend into the landscape.  We've driven through some of the streets and the houses are all huge and amazing with large windows looking out to the ocean.  Dreamy.

This chapel was designed by James Hubbell and is made mostly with local redwood and stone.  The roof is cedar and copper and that cool spire is made of bronze.  I think it was completed in 1985. You can rent it out too.  Wouldn't this be a cute place for a small relaxed wedding?

Sea Ranch Chapel
Teak entrance doors with stained glass
Tiny chapel

One of my favourite things about going to this part of the coast is that we have no cell reception so there are no distractions.  Pay phones are hard to come by too.

This was at a corner store on the way home where I tried this dry lavender soda.  I liked it.  V thought is tasted like a cleaning product.  Kind of pricey for a soda but nice for a treat.  I have this soda stream at home and I mainly drink soda water with lemon.  I wonder if there is a lavender syrup out there.   They must. I'll have to look it up.

Timber Cove totem
Happy birthday V!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cards, cards, everywhere

Yesterday was stressful.  I had an interview with Temporary Employment Services in Davis and was nervous about that and had been sick the night before and didn't get a lot of sleep.  The interview went well though and the three ladies I spoke with were all really nice.

Now I'm being processed to be in the UC Davis system.  I need to get a medical and 2 different background checks including fingerprinting - one for Davis and one for Sacramento because I opted to be called if anything comes up in either location.  It would be so great to get placed in Sacramento - I could walk to work!

After my interview in Davis I drove home and my green card was waiting in the mail for me.  It really is green in the way money looks in that all the tiny green lines add up to make it look pale green.  The statue of lady liberty's face is on the front next to mine so it looks like we're posing together.  Thumbs up!  The card comes with a carrying case that they recommend it be be stored in to prevent wireless communication!  Am I being tracked?  I am supposed to carry my card with me at all times.  Seriously.

Side note: I am also showcasing my boring light pink interview nails in the above photo.

There is a wide metal strip on the back with my photo and some numbers engraved on it.  I guess I'll see what that's for the next time I need to travel out of the country.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Social Security office to change my name.  Like most government places you need to go through security before you can enter the building.  I was just reminded of the overkill
5-minute examination of everything in my purse at the Bon Iver concert on campus last week where they practically dumped my bag out and inspected each pill in my Advil container using blue latex gloves before making me dump it in the trash anyway.  The guard at the SS office just poked around my purse with a stick and asked me if I had pepper spray before letting me through.

Since my green card was so new it wasn't listed in the SS database.  The woman was very serious and barely looked at me.  Her cubicle was decorated with large photos of Whitney Houston and Anita Baker.  She also had her lunch sitting on her desk.  She took my old social security card and scribbled all over it and said something like, "this isn't you anymore" and took it away.  By the sounds of things I'll be getting a new card in the mail.  I hope. Gulp.

This morning my health insurance coverage card came in the mail.  Now, all I need is a job and I will have completed most of the recommendations in the "Welcome to the United States" brochure that came with my permanent resident card.

Now, to celebrate!  It's V's birthday tomorrow and we are going to the coast so he can get his surf on!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bralette (it's a real word, I looked it up)

When we were in San Luis Obispo over the weekend most of the ladies looked really beachy and cute during the day (night time was a way, way different story).  I tried on some sheer tops that needed a fancy bra underneath.  A real bra seemed too skimpy but these little cropped tops are perfect.  I want more!  Greedy.  These three are all from Free People.

I have this one.  I really hope this model was photoshopped to look that thin.
Lacy front closure
Fancy bustier

Monday, April 23, 2012

Really fun weekend in photos

Bay entrance
Cooling off
All day bird buffet
Saddest aquarium
Barking for food
Professional sign
Poor wolf eel
Dark and dirty aquarium tanks
Coral and mint.  This octopus is on trend.
Shark eyes
Excels in Shells and patriotism
Frog band
Thick fog on day two 
Keep away from sharks.  Good advice.
Husky pup hanging out, waiting for its owner to get back from surfing.

Foggy dinner view
Rum punch and wine
This was waiting when we got home from Morro Bay.  It is sure nice to feel welcome.  At last!
Sunday afternoon FANS bike ride fundraiser
Gal Pals
Waiting for the refreshments
Mobile refreshments services
Cutest pelican top
Unofficial bike tour guide and followers

Friday, April 20, 2012


It is hot and sunny in Morro Bay.  We've seen lots of sea pups and surfers and V is out right now for round 2 of surfing.

 Afternoon waves
Suiting up.

Los Osos