Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I don't know any man who would wear this.

I found this for sale on gilt.com.  I'm sure it's still available if you want to look it up.

Yesterday evening we went to Roseville so I could browse in Anthropologie.  I wanted to look at some pretty things after being inside that dismal federal building for our interview.  Anthro always has the best window displays.

I tried on these grey and white polka dotted pants.  They were really cute but had so much stretch that they were more like leggings and may have made my legs look a little sausage-y.

They are also way too expensive for novelty pants (I learned that any pant that isn't a solid colour is a novelty pant according to the j.crew website.)  They are $178.  I would have bought them if they were less than $40.

I bought a blouse I'd tried on a couple of months ago that had been out of my price range at the time but had been marked down twice since my last visit.  It would have looked really cute with the polka dot pants but then I wouldn't have been able to pay for groceries for the next 2 months.
These are my new summer sandals.  

It's so summery out and now I'm officially ready.  I even got a tiny sunburn on my arm over the weekend from sitting on the patio at Bows.  I picked out some sandals from DSW last night.  Usually I never have any luck there but these are very close to what I was looking for.  The tassels look cute in person.  In this picture they're overwhelming the shoe.  Just wait, you'll see.  80 degrees this weekend!


  1. The sandals are cute, I got some this weekend at the rack. I tried some novelty pants on also, very green. Not good at all. I also got two new striped tops, I cannot stop. Its high school all over again.

    That coat is bad on all counts.

  2. Those pants are so cute! I hate that anthro is so pricey. I'm so never spending nearly $200 on pants.

  3. I have been guilty of buying pricey pants but I've worn them so much since I got them two years ago that now they essentially cost pennies a day.