Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm not the sportiest of ladies but I do love a good hike.  E.L. was telling me that she was going on a hike last Sunday and I managed to invite myself along, and then some other people invited themselves along and then we got ourselves organized and all became one with nature.

Dreamy photo from E.L.

We met at Sly Park. I'd never been there and it has beautiful greeny-blue water that you can swim in during the warmer months.  I want to go back!  The trail we took went around the water, through a wooded area, over a tiny bridge, and ended in front of a pretty nice sized waterfall.


Lunch spot.

Crossing the bridge.

We made it!

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  1. You were sporty, remember walleyball at U of W with Sarah and Shannon???? :P