Friday, April 13, 2012


J made us a fancy mac and cheese dinner last night and took our picture in between cooking.  E said, "we don't look especially chummy here." but I think we're just hangry.

I never think of buying fancy foods from gilt but C bought some lavender coffee cheese, some honey cheese and truffle sausage.  I don't like truffles but you couldn't taste the truffle really.  How's that for a food review?  Terrible, I know.

 Heart meat

J and Misora

I'm taking my car in to get the windshield replaced this morning.  EXCITING.  


  1. The cheese sounds delicious! And bad food review ;)

  2. Those are HOUSE slippers I'm wearing! They are not for public viewing!
    Cammy looks adorable with her meat heart. Like a precious porcelain doll.