Monday, April 9, 2012

Full weekend

Surfing in Bolinas 
Full moon in Bolinas on Friday. So bright!
Sad wetsuit.

Saturday evening, we celebrated Rosemary's belated birthday.

Erin P. brought tasty mini cupcakes!
Henry dressed up in a fancy bowtie.
Our posse.
Erin showed me how to set-up Instagram on my phone! (shannonlori)

For Easter Sunday we went to L & M's for a BBQ, ate delicious foods and sang Def Jam karaoke.

Nut burger and ribs.
The cats chewed on the leftovers.

Today I ran some errands - made copies of our immigration paperwork in preparation for next week's interview, went to Target, and came home and folded laundry.  I have two other striped tops and another striped dress in addition to this pile.  It looks pretty.  I love how they look all piled up together.


  1. Your busy post made me tired. But I like all the stripes!

  2. I love the photo of the wetsuit, it's the same here with Pat. There are times when it's hanging on the clothes line and on quick glance, it looks like a person! It gives me a little startle. Btw, interesting photo of a nut burger and rib :P