Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Thanks to J for sharing this lovely creation with me.  No, these are not my nails.  On the website, the heading for the photo says: THE MANICURE THAT ANNOUNCES YOUR WHIMSY AND YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT.

I know I am unemployed but if I ever, EVER do this to my nails, please at least buy me a flower so I can rest my hands on it to take an elegant photo.

I looked at jobs all day today.  I mostly looked on the UC Davis website and their application process is repetitive.  For each job you apply for, you have to respond to some of the same questions for each application (have you ever been convicted of a felony, can you legally work in the US, bla bla bla) and answer some job specific questions.  I mostly applied for administrative positions and some of the questions asked what experience I had making travel arrangements for executives.  Trying to write a serious response to that without sounding like a nerd is nearly impossible.


  1. I kind of like those nails but I suppose they're not very practical.

  2. Sarah, me too! I am just weird I guess. You too. Erin

  3. Oh dear - make sure you call me if you find yourself having this kind of nail fantasy. It's important to show some sanity whilst job hunting in the face of such high California unemployment. Keep up the numbers game...!

  4. The UC Davis HR website is oh-so-lame. Have you experienced this problem?: if you look at a listing you can't go back to where you were on the list. It starts you out at the beginning, so you have to spend a bunch of time getting back to where you were.

  5. Agreed, Becky. It's hard to navigate and the links don't get highlighted after I've clicked them so I can never remember which analyst IV posting I've just looked at!

  6. I like how they want you to have experience making travel arrangements for executives. Like a monkey couldn't figure it out.