Monday, April 23, 2012

Really fun weekend in photos

Bay entrance
Cooling off
All day bird buffet
Saddest aquarium
Barking for food
Professional sign
Poor wolf eel
Dark and dirty aquarium tanks
Coral and mint.  This octopus is on trend.
Shark eyes
Excels in Shells and patriotism
Frog band
Thick fog on day two 
Keep away from sharks.  Good advice.
Husky pup hanging out, waiting for its owner to get back from surfing.

Foggy dinner view
Rum punch and wine
This was waiting when we got home from Morro Bay.  It is sure nice to feel welcome.  At last!
Sunday afternoon FANS bike ride fundraiser
Gal Pals
Waiting for the refreshments
Mobile refreshments services
Cutest pelican top
Unofficial bike tour guide and followers

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