Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden party

The skies were so dark in Tahoe Park today and it rained for most of the day and even thundered (which was perfectly timed to the three hours I spent looking at health insurance plans and getting my cracked windshield claim sorted (wah, wah, wahhhhhh)).  Our garden is so green and all the plants are blooming.  We haven't planted any tomato plants yet.  Is it too late?  I don't think so.

I used to hate roses because I'd only known the flower shop variety until I moved to California.
Baby fig
You can never have too many lavender plants.
Grape leaves
This rose smells exactly like you think a rose would.  Delicious.
Forsythia (right?)


  1. That last one is Azalea!

    Forsythia has yellow flowers.

  2. Azaleas grow like gangbusters here in Sacramento and are perfect landscaping for 50's era neighborhoods.