Monday, April 2, 2012


It's birthday month for the Mr. so I am looking left and right for THE MOST AMAZING GIFT.  Every time an occasion comes around I can't help but look at Taurus themed things.  Most of them are awful but there are some good horoscope gifts out there, especially vintage ones like this MANLY chalice.

Just kidding

Have you noticed that a lot of the people you like in your life are the same star sign?  It seems like most of my friends are Virgo's or Taurus'.

If there's one thing a Taurus male likes, it's fancy nails on a Libra lady!  When V saw these the other day he said, "Wow, those are crazy....(long pause)  good."

Easter party nails

We went on a nice hike called the Old Salmon Falls loop in El Dorado Hills on Friday.  Part of the trail is on Folsom Lake.  I'd been years before and it's a nice swimming spot in the summer without too many heehaws screaming on their inner tubes.  

We were hungry and it was rush hour when we finished our walk so we hung around El Dorado Hills and went to a pizza bar for happy hour.  We were the youngest people there, I think.  There was a buff guy wearing shorts with shaved legs, a man in a business suit who was playing Draw Something when he walked in, a lady with heels so high she limped in her grand entrance and almost tripped, and a weird double date of 45-year-olds who wouldn't stop talking about their divorces right next to us.  

If you want to check it out for yourself, you should, not only for the people watching but because you can eat pizza on a couch and get 3$ glasses of wine.  If you can believe it, the restaurant is called Sauce'd and the apostrophe in their logo is a FLAME!  Yelp reviews are pretty bad.

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