Thursday, August 2, 2012

Major Lazer

According to the employee handbook my work is very strict on personal internet usage and one of my big fears was that I would miss out on buying concert tickets  because I wouldn't be able to log on to sites like ticketmaster to order my tickets.  I worry about things like this.

The usual start time for pre-sales is Thursday mornings at 10 am.  Last night I downloaded the ticketmaster app to my phone and bought tickets to Major Lazer with no issues at all during my break.

It's a Friday night in Oakland and the presale password is murmur if you're interested!

The last time we saw them at some chi-chi-ish (shi shi?) place in San Francisco and it was reeeeeally fun.  One of the dudes who used to be in Major Lazer quit out of the group because he found the Lord and now makes awful music with a message.  When he was part of Major Lazer he had a move called daggering where he would jump from a ladder with his pants pulled down onto a girl who was lying on stage.  Classy.

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