Sunday, May 5, 2013

Growroom to guestroom

We are still mid-project on the kitchen cabinets and have other little projects in the back of our (my) mind but our current focus is the guestroom.  Since I'm working we have some more money coming in.  The last time I posted was around the time I was promoted and working 9  or 10 hour days.  After working all day I had zero interest in more than eating dinner with V and going for a walk and/or flopping on the couch.  I'm finally understand the processes in my job and have (sort of) learned to manage my time in a job where everything is urgent.  I was also keeping busy with my writing class and tried yoga.

This weekend I looked at paint colours and carpet samples and got a quote for new carpet to replace the current burned and stained one.  I want to go budget but even budget isn't cheap.

The room was a grow room and then a place for squatters before V bought it so the carpet is a mess. Our cats have also added some new puke stains to the mix.  I want a lighter carpet since the room is kind of dark but don't want it to get dirty.

 Worst blue paint.

 There's a 6th surfboard under the bed.

Stains, a cat on a garbage bag and a piece of wood covering a hole in the wall.  I'm not sure how I'm going to fix that.

Listening to:  6 mix with Grandmaster flash on BBC 6.

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