Sunday, September 9, 2012


I'm learning all sorts of surf lingo.  The surf scene behind these 2 dudes is described as stormy.  The waves were wild.  When that happens the only thing you can do is sit in the sand and drink a BL before heading back out to get beat up by the sea again.

I sure have fallen off the face of the blogosphere.  This next week isn't going to be any better.  My plan is to come home from work on Monday and sleep all the way through until Tuesday morning so I can frontload on sleep.  We're going to Hot Chip on Tuesday.  I am very excited to see them but not excited to have to drive back from SF on a Tuesday night and work the next day.  Times are tough when you're a working woman.  Am I right ladies?

I'm starting another writing class (finally!) now that I have a job that gives me money to spend on things I like.  It's on Wednesdays for the next couple of months.  Working a new job is tough on an ol' lady like me.  In a few months I'll be back to my old self.  Libra's are supposedly known for their laziness and I am definitely feeling like a useless, brainless blob when 5 o'clock rolls around.  Luckily I'm not eating all the donuts at the office so I'm not an actual blob.

Did you like the Libra hint?  I used to think Yom Kippur was a famous person with whom I celebrated a birthday every ten years or so.  Oops.


  1. Oh, good. I can blame my laziness on being a Libra. Thanks Shannon!

  2. I would say the ocean looks messy: you want waves without white water, coming in even sets, that look like corduroy from a distance. I'm getting down on the lingo because I now own a wetsuit and surfboard!!!! A stand up and paddle board that is :)