Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Fashion: the good!

I love everything in this collection but the prices.

Toronto twins have some cute retro preppy chic outfits (did I just type cute retro preppy chic?)

I especially like the greenish pants on the 2nd model and the sweater on the 4th model.  

I have a pair of cropped navy pants from J.Crew that I never thought I'd like.  The sales lady convinced me to "just try them on" last spring and I'm glad I did although there is no way I can wear them with flats without looking like an old marm.  


  1. Go with you on Jil Sander. Nothing to write home about for dsquared2. But you lost me with j.crew. Apart from deformed models, that blue sweater looks like something I wore for school uniform an eon ago. Didn't look good then either.

  2. V said the models looked like hags and thought the one in the blue had a beer belly.