Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pups and privacy

I was in a mood for about 2 seconds until I saw this.

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That photo is from piccsy.  I don't know what piccsy is and I don't like typing the word but I like browsing the site.  It looks like it's all photos and similar to pinterest (my sad pinterest is here) in some ways.  I did a search for "husky" and found these great photos below.  Recently, I was (am?) obsessed with huskies.  I say was because I really, really wanted to get a husky pup up until I found out that in the past month my parents have spent 2 handfuls of money on unexpected vet bills and the only handfuls of money I have left to spend are going towards all my immigration fees.  My parents two pups are fine but the cost of having another pet in our household is just too much right now.  I can wait.  Until then...

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Image source

I hadn't heard about piccsy until last night.  It's still in beta and they aren't currently accepting new members.  Do you use it?  What about pinterest?  

Earlier this month a friend and I were having a chat about how we love the idea of making boards and remembering ideas with pinterest but don't necessarily want to share those favourites and ideas with everyone. She is an interior designer so I can totally understand that feeling of wanting to keep special finds to herself.  I feel that way too.  Right now everything you "pin" on pinterest is public whereas on a site like etsy you can make your favourites private, which I like.

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  1. I really want to get a puppy as well, but it's not fair to leave a dog at home alone all day by itself :( Until the day we do get a dog, we have Pat's parent's dogs to love and cuddle.