Monday, February 20, 2012

Sung to the tune of "Neverending story"

Never ending kitchen projeeeect, aaaaa, aaaaa, aaaaaaa!
It's true.  The never ending kitchen project is still in progress.

This weekend I cleaned the walls, removed the crummy plastic blinds, hammered off old hardware, filled the holes with putty, taped off edges, covered the kitchen with plastic (again) and started painting the walls and the ceilings in the laundry room and kitchen.

I'm going to sew some curtains for the two windows in the back room to replace the yellowed mini blinds that were there before.  The door is also going to be painted white.  Maybe at some point we will replace the plastic edging nearest to the floor and also the floor itself.  In the past these rooms have been painted yellow, pink, green, and off white.  Imagine those colours with faux wood laminate.  Gross.

I'm going to be looking for curtain fabric to coordinate with this red and mint green tile that's in the kitchen and laundry room.

A few that have caught my eye;






Any favourites?  I like 1, 3, and 4 the best, today at least. (All fabric by Amy Butler)

The cabinets in the laundry room used to be the same colour as the drawers and cabinets in the bottom of the kitchen.  Those will be painted at some point too.

Weekend manicure


  1. I like 2 and 3. The tile work is delicious!

  2. First choice #2, Second choice #3...
    I am sure whatever you do will really look good :)

  3. Not that I am any design expert, but if the picture is showing the tile trim as being red - perhaps something to tie in with the red and the green would give the light coming through the fabric a warm glow...??

  4. I like #1 and #4, but I also agree with No more Hobo about the red factor.

  5. I am just not a fan of red in homes for some reason. It makes me uncomfortable.

  6. I love #1 and #4. Are they Amy Butler textiles? Looks like her style. :)

  7. I like #2 the best but I agree with Danielle who agrees with No More Hobo. I think a fabric with a tad of red would be better or perhaps just do a fabric with shades of mint? I hear what you're saying about red. I'm not a fan of red in a home either but I think just a tad would look nice with the tile.

  8. Darcey, yes! They're all Amy Butler. I have a very weak spot for her bright and vintage-y designs! I'm surprised everyone likes #2 the best...I think that one is my least favourite! I still haven't purchased the fabric yet...feeling too wishy, washy.