Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hot buns

This book has been out for a couple of months but I just reserved it from the library.  I'm excited to read some of Hockney's quotes on creativity and art from the series of interviews.  Some of  his quotes over the years are highlighted here

If you're anywhere near London, why not check out his current exhibition?  There's a short interview on the main page about the enormous size of his "pictures" and how they likely wouldn't have even been painted had he not been approached by the gallery for this (current) exhibit.  Interesting!

Today I'll be doing some more painting of my own, of the un-creative variety; I want to finish painting the doors in the kitchen and the laundry room and then start on the window frames.  

I've been making the job easier by listening to a handful of shows on BBC Radio 1, including my usual listens to the Essential Mix, and Annie Mac's dance radio show.  Until yesterday I didn't know they had a dancehall show but they do!  All good painting music.

This photo looks like it could be from an anthropologie catalog:  
One old door, with a patch of vintage green paint: $1099.

I unscrewed a weird sliding lock from the pantry type door in the photo above yesterday so I could sand and repaint the door.  I uncovered a small patch of minty green paint underneath which appears to match the kitchen tile exactly.  I am really curious about what the kitchen has looked like through the years.  I've always though it would be a nice idea to have some sort of log somewhere about the different transformations houses have been through, throughout the years.  Our house was built in 1948.  Almost 65 years old!  How many families with different tastes have lived here before us?


  1. You should listen to BBC Radio 6. We listen to it all the time, it's really good! It's digital though, not sure if you can live stream it....

  2. I love that green. Although my house was formerly painted throughout a horrible hospital green I had to paint it ALL WHITE (with one black wall). My kitchen will be the only spot where I go a little nuts with some vintage-y color. Not really sure what though. Turquoise counters, that's for sure.

  3. What year is your house Sarah? I found more green on another door yesterday! I like white walls with colour from art and furnishings too. Makes it easier to switch things up and it looks cleaner! Our bedroom is a light blue and we have a very pale turquoise in the room off the kitchen where we eat breakfast.