Monday, January 23, 2012

Clipping Coupons

There are TOO many deal websites now, aren't there?  I get two emails a day from groupon, one from livingsocial, and yelp is offering deals now too.  I bought the 40$ for 80$ worth of artwork through a livingsocial deal at 20x200 after I'd seen this print by Todd Forsgren of a white crowned sparrow temporarily caught in a mist net so scientists could get his details before letting him fly off again.  He looks so cute all tangled up in there.

The smaller, more affordable sizes sold out immediately and now the only size left in this particular print is 30x40 and it costs $2400.  BOING!  At the time there wasn't really anything else that caught my eye so I've been holding on to my livingsocial coupon since April 2011.  I checked today and the art prices have increased!  I decided to hustle and get some prints instead of waiting any longer.  

 I like all the patterns and colours in this one by Ann Toebbe.  I ordered the 11x14 unframed size.

This one, by Chris Ballantyne, makes me think of a vintage paint by numbers kit.  I ordered the 8.5x11 unframed.

I wonder how many people buy the coupons and forget about them until they expire.  I have a coupon from 2010 that I bought from for 35$ worth of food at Flaming Grill.  That's a LOT of food.  Their prices are reasonable already and their portions are way too big.  You'd need at least 4 people to spend 35$ there since most of the burgers are under 8$.  Anyone want to go? V bought a deal for 18$ worth of cocktails at Dive Bar.  Have you walked past that place on a weekend?  A week or two ago, one guy wouldn't move out of the way so I could get past him on the sidewalk EVEN after I'd said "excuse me".  I had to push him out of the way while holding my breath.  A cologne cloud surrounds that bar.  

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