Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If not sooner

In June we started looking online and locally for our wedding bands.  We visited shops that had security at the door and shops where the sales people had bright white teeth and plastic surgery - shops where the rings cost over $10,000 dollars.  There was nothing out there that was unique enough without being over the top gaudy (a look I am guilty of, occasionally).  I was starting to stress that I wouldn't find anything I liked.  Poor me.
Harry Winston, price upon request.  No.


Etsy had some very pretty designs but nothing that I was sold on.  V would come home to find me with my eyes semi-glazed, clicking through page after page of internet websites looking for the one.  

One afternoon I visited a local jewelry shop where the owner has been a goldsmith for over 30 years.  The selection in the shop was a little old fashioned but the owner told me that if I brought in a design, any design, he would make it for me.

After getting design ideas from library books V and I went back to the local jeweler on  October 18th with the design I had (crudely) drawn for my wedding band.  The shop owner and master goldsmith (that's what it says on his card!) said he could make the design and the ring would be ready by December 18th, if not sooner.  We've learned that "if not sooner" is his catch phrase because I have called every two weeks to see how the process is going and after some very friendly chit chat, my ring is always promised by Tuesday, or Thursday, or Saturday of next week, if not sooner.  Every single time. 

V and I visited the shop last Friday to give some final input on the ring before he puts it all together and he said it would be ready either Saturday or Tuesday, if not sooner.  

Today is Wednesday.  

Until the ring arrives I've been wearing my Grandma Smith's thin gold band as a place holder.  It has small rubies and diamonds and was my "something old" and the ring we exchanged on our wedding day.  I usually don't wear dainty rings but I'm starting to get used to wearing it.  If the ring isn't ready soon I may have to get one of these beauties below.  

1. Sara Westermark 2. Jen Lawler Designs 3.Nangijala Jewelry 4. Monica Branstrom 5. Monkeys Always Look 6. Danielle Jewelry 7. Jen Lawler Designs 8.  Izzie's Tales 9. Unknown 10. About Jewelery

V's ring is very similar to #5 with the date of our first date on the exterior and our wedding date on the interior.  It was an etsy find and needs to be resized, which seems to be a common problem when purchasing rings online.

Unique, masculine ring by Lyuve for the medical professional in your life.

A ring etched with your or a loved ones fingerprint by Chris Parry

Are you engaged, married?  Did you partner pick out the ring themselves?  V and I had some discussions about this.  He wanted to pick the ring out himself and I wanted to be able to give my input.  In the end we looked at designs together and agreed on a style that would work.  I feel like the ring (once we get it) will be something we both put a lot of thought into.  I can't wait!


  1. I chose a few different engagement rings and Pat bought one on a later date. I chose my wedding ring myself, a thin curved white gold band, with 20 tiny diamonds stretching across. I love it :)

  2. That's a good idea - narrowing down the selection to a few. That's kind of what I did too, with images and designs. I'd pick out a couple and tell V what I liked and didn't like about each ring and then we kind of came up with something together. The band sounds cute, not sure if I've seen it...have I?

  3. I hope your next literary project will include "if not sooner"...which seems to be a very open timeframe...!