Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yes/No: Wet feet

My favourite ones are the lilac zip ups from Joules
(The colourful ones are from Hunter and the lacy ones are from modcloth.)

Do you wear rain boots?  I've had some polka dotted ones for about 6 years.  I bought them in Winnipeg where it never really rains that much.  The boots were cute and on sale and I was happy to trade my Sorels for wellies when I moved to Sacramento.  The backyard of my first house in Sacramento had a dip in it and would flood every winter so the boots got a lot of use during the rainy season.  I haven't pulled them out yet this year mainly because I've been trying to stay warm and dry inside (and also figuring out how to make these idea boards using GIMP.) 


  1. I've got a pair of Hunter wellies; they're light blue with thistles on them, very Scottish! They're very nice, but tight on the calves, so I only wear them for wet days for going out. You can also get felt or knitted welly socks too!

  2. You don't like skeleton heads on your rain boots?!

    I love the array of colors of Hunter boots. I just wish cute boots made out of rubber weren't so expensive! I've been eyeing these as well: http://www.aigleboots.com/

  3. I have a pair of Hunter wellies...love them, although they're kind of heavy. I feel like my legs get a good workout when I wear them. :)