Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's mail

Real mail is the best (with the exception of bills, parking tickets, and coupons for Arby's).  Today I received a thank you note from my friend, Cara, who I worked with at Pulp Papery.  Cara is a stylish interior designer and event planner (here) and is always up on her etiquette.  Look at the sweet card I received in the mail today for attending her super fun birthday party a few weeks ago.

The neat thing about this card is that once you've finished displaying it, you tear the card in half along the perforated edge and write a thank-you postcard to another friend.  I love this idea!

Who needs a thank you

Do you send thank you's regularly?  When I was younger my sister and I sat down (sometimes forcefully) within days after birthdays and Christmas to write our thank you notes.  There was no question about it; you received a gift, you wrote a thank you note (even if it involved a lot of parental prodding).  After so many years of writing notes, it really becomes second nature.  I still send them after receiving a gift, if a friend helps with something, after someone has hosted a party and after interviews... sometimes I send notes just to say hi.  Part of the enjoyment of writing is being able to do it on such cute stationery.  I like to keep a box of thank you's on hand and some of these are definitely catching my eye.

8. Large print by Nothing Short of Thankful

  • For more on when to write thank you notes from the Emily Post site.
  • Writing manly thank you's.
  • Why Jimmy Fallon is thankful.
  • book that discusses the art of faxing thank you's among other more relevant things.
  • And, if you still don't have time for a handwritten note, there's always this website.


  1. You rarely needed prodding to send thank-you notes/cards...!

  2. I used to be so good at thank you notes but have become A SLACKER of late. The feelings of GUILT are coursing through my veins as I type. Thanks a lot. Consider this your note. ;)