Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes/No: Milly and Thakoon

Both dresses on  One is sold out, the other isn't.

I don't understand the floppy asymmetrical look. The bibbed blouse look, yes.

Gilt has good deals for fancy brands if you have a pile of money lying around but I don't like their restocking/return fee if you have to return something.  I bought my wedding dress from them, in two sizes so I could see which was a better fit, and had to pay a 15$ shipping and restocking fee if I wanted my money back or I could get a credit and not have to pay the restocking fee.  That is a hefty fee for something that costs about 5$ to mail. 


  1. I'm not a great fan of either to be honest, but you're right the picnic blanket on the right is just a mess with (ill-matched) boots.

  2. But I like the asymmetrical look (on me anyhoo) - it's the boots that waste the whole thing. My little red peep-toe ones would look great with that ensemble...!!