Sunday, January 22, 2012


I received notice that my bio metrics exam has been scheduled for February 3rd (at 8 am!  Whaaa!) where they'll take my fingerprints and photos.  After that I believe the next step will be vaccinations of some sort and a possible a medical exam to make sure I'm not bringing any new diseases to the U.S.... all the way from Canada.

Gulp.  Homeland Security, this is serious!

I decided to file all the immigration paperwork myself to save what I imagine could be a lot of money instead of hiring a lawyer.  The first portion of the application was submitted on January 9th.  I sent it overnight to the USCIS department in Chicago.  You can sign up for text and email alerts for updates on your case, which I did, and was notified on January 11th that my application had been received.  Things seem to be moving along fairly quickly so far.  I included as much information as possible to prove that our marriage is "bona fide" (their words, not mine.) I sent copies of photos with dates and locations of where they were taken, hotel receipts of our trips to the coast, flight receipts from when we visited Miami and copies of our joint bank accounts with the date I was added to them.

The fun part!  Getting married!

Vann is excited about our potential interview.  I am a little nervous.  There are discussions on immigration websites where people share some of the questions they were asked.  Most of them seem easy; questions about birthdays, family members, jobs, activities.  If anyone remembers how V and I met, let us know.  We've narrowed it down to sometime between December 2006 and March 2007.  It's all very romantic.

Would a woman dress like this in front of anyone but her husband?  I think this is enough proof of a bona fide marriage.

Cinderella Masvidal

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