Monday, July 30, 2012

99 problems

Ok, just 2.

1. My back is totally killing me.  I think it's from work but I'm not sure even though it started about 5 days after starting the new job.  Since I'm working in WC claims I've been reviewing the top 10 work ailments and also going over human anatomy again.  What would you like to know about the nucleous pulposus?  How about spinal stenosis?  Also, how do you know if you have a slipped disc?  I've broken my tailbone before and that still gives me issues but this pain is in my lumbar spine.  I'm also popping more that usual.  Maybe I'm just getting old but today it hurt so bad I almost had to abandon my BIG PLANS to go grocery shopping.

I already have the fancy chair at work so I'm not sure what more I can do.  Maybe some Boniva?  I sit up and try not to slouch but I am totes dying here.  I'm going to give it a couple more weeks and then head to the Dr.  I hope it doesn't come to that because that means I'll actually have to hunt for a Dr. under my new work health plan.

Speaking of work, look at what my barista made my coffee in this morning?  Very official.

Back to my problems...

2. Bronzer.  What kind do you use and how do you like it?  I've been using a gross old one from Revlon that I am pretty sure I bought in University (that's what we call college in Canada).  I don't think it's doing my skin any favours according to my true blue friends who tell me the ugly truth even when it hurts.


  1. I don't really use it anymore because I am just too white. It looks stupid. But as I am cheap, Jergens is highly rated and I did try it for a bit. I think it was me that looked stupid, not the bronzer.

    And even though you work in WC, don't hesitate to use it if that's the cause of your pain (says your friendly labour union rep). (I stuck that weird extra 'u' in labor just for you)

  2. I use a neutrogena bronzer/blush ("healthy skin custom glow") that i like a lot and so far no one has told me to stop using.

    A good friend of mine is a masseuse in a chiropractor's office and he's always offering to fix my terrible office-induced back problems. lemme know if you want me to put you in touch.

  3. Are you getting up, taking breaks and walking around while at work. Also, I bet you can request an ergonomic review of your work space to ensure your char and computer screen are all in the right place and working correctly.

  4. I love the fact that I can still see "Wawanesa" under the masking tape on your stainless steel coffee mug....!
    As for your ever faithfully aching back...reconsider will really be beneficial and is probably covered at your workplace? Also what about that Medichair back support that you used before - not working?

  5. Again, I think you should ask them for a lumbar support. Is that photo the fancy chair you speak of? Because that doesn't look fancy!

    I use Dr. Hauschka liquid brozner and I love it! As for powder bronzer, I tried Laura Mercier at the counter and liked it. I use to use The Body Shop's version and that was good. But who ever goes to The Body Shop anymore.

  6. Sometimes the source of back pain lies in your pelvis instead, that's where my back pain in the past has come from.

    I use Rimmel bronzer myself :)

  7. I use the jergens because there is no streak problem. I bought paula begoun stuff online, which was rated well but I got major streaks.

    Scott uses an ergonomic kneeling chair and it works like a charm to keep his lower back from seizing up. plus it looks so cool (psyche)