Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in business

Phew, I made it through my first full week of work to my first paycheck!  See how I spell paycheck now?  Just like my American friends.  So long, Canadian paycheque.  No more loonies for me, just dolla dolla bills y'all.  

When I was moaning about starting my last job and having to wake up early my Dad said, "just say to yourself:  two dollars, two dollars, two dollars."  How he comes up with this stuff, I will never know.  Now, when I'm having a rough morning, Vann says that to me and I mime that I'm receiving two dollars, two dollars, two dollars.

Speaking of my Dad, look at this sexy photo of my parents.  They celebrated their wedding anniversary this past weekend.  FORTY YEARS ?  Can you believe it?  Happy anniversary Mum and Dad!

Ha-cha cha cha cha!