Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Did you read that article in the NY Times about the difficulties of making friends in your 30s?  When I moved here the idea of not making friends was one of my biggest fears.  I don't know how I got so lucky to have such great lady friends.  There was also this short article in Jezebel about going on first dates with lady friends.  I totally get nervous for first one-on-one lady dates!

A couple Sundays ago we celebrated Erin's birthday with a potluck brunch with mimosas, of course!

Before the guests arrive
 Potluck brunch
Jeff, Erin and Walter
 Pretty ladies
Me and Jen
Jasmine, taking photos.
Rosemary, Nate and Erin
Kate and Jeff
Post brunch
Kate, Jen, and Rosemary
Henry and Nate making faces


  1. what a thought-provoking article! I get really nervous in those situations, too. I will always make sure I have a buffer friend and will stress to a ridiculous degree if I don't. There are maybe 4 women in my life that I can relax one-on-one with!

  2. Buffer friends are essential! My favourite buffer pals are ones that can talk to anyone about anything...also wine is a pretty good buffer pal of mine.

  3. Do you remember our first lady date at Buccacinos?????