Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have of never been the type of person who loves going out to eat.  When I was younger, dining out was considered a special treat.  In the land of the free every one seems to go out to eat almost all the time whereas I would usually rather eat at home, unless it's a special occasion or we're on an adventure and even then I like to pack snacks (for adventures, not special occasions).  

I bring my lunch to work most days and was in the market for a new lunch bag.  There are so many fancy ones now.  The one I ordered looks just like a purse and has a zip at the top so it's easy to put things in!  It's huge too so I can put a ton of snacks in there.

I also make my own afternoon coffee.  We use the one cup melitta filter at home and I bought another one to keep at my desk.  Less than 3$!

Now you have all the items necessary to save money on lunch and coffee so you can be an old marm like me.

Side note: The internet is AMAZING.  I did an internet search for "Fraggle Rock orange lunchbox" and the first link that popped up had an image of the lunchbox I had in grade school.  I don't remember picking this out because at some point I remember reallllly hating my lunch box and trying to peel the sticker of the creepy fraggles off.


  1. FYI, people who clog the shared fridge with their big-ass lunch bags may be secretly despised by coworkers. At least that's what I've heard.

  2. Now you have me singing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_zsz_MlVvI

  3. That's a fancy shmancy lunch bag Shannon - and I doubt that you would put the entire bag in the fridge in case some slob dropped something on it....!
    Fraggle Rock - sorry to say - was THE lunch box to buy at that time...!