Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The training at work is starting to pick up and become more relevant so the days are starting to go by a little bit faster. There are some fun peeps at work too.  We had to do a phone interview today where one of us pretends to be a claims case manager and the other pretends to be an injured worker.  I played the part of a male injured worker and we cracked up so many times that we had to start over because we had to record and submit our assignment.

Last week all the handouts I was getting were starting to overwhelm my desk so I bought some cute folders and binders.  I set everything up and left for my break and when I came back to my desk I squealed, WHOSE CUTE DESK IS THAT?  I'm not sure what my cubemates think of me but I'd rather be wacky than serious.  I think.

Photo 1: I read through some parts of the Workers Compensation Benefits manual and actually laughed out loud at some of the examples that they offered of work injuries.  There is a more serious legal version of this book but for now, this red and gold version will do.  I wonder what the author, Gwen Hampton looks like.  
Photo 2: Cute folders and binders.
Photo 3: Pretty water feature and landscaping at work.

I went to a library near work to return some overdue books the other day.  When I first borrowed thebookIonlyreadbecauseIwantedtoknowwhateveryonewastalkingabout I did it in semi-secrecy.  The book was in the "Lucky Day" section of the library where you don't have to wait on a waiting list to borrow it (this happens for new or very popular books) so I borrowed it and hid it between another book and a magazine when I brought it home.  Anyway, I read it.  It was terribly, TERRIBLY written and not even that exciting.  All this to say that after being very secretive about borrowing it, when I went in today the librarian almost didn't check out the books I wanted because I had an overdue book.  

Male Librarian with two pairs of glasses one, one on top of the other (loudly): "MISS, IT SAYS HERE THAT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY IS OVERDUE".  
Me (quietly): "I returned it to a drop box yesterday, it must not have been processed yet".
Me (quieter): I returned it yesterday after work.

In other work news, I'm going on a two-week training course in a couple of weeks.  Some of us are going to Southern California and some are going to Boston.  Everyone except for me wanted to go to Boston.  I've never been to Southern California so I'm excited!  V will be able to visit me on a weekend too and that's the main reason I didn't want to go to Boston.  Of course, since I'm travelling I need some travel gear!  I bought a laptop bag, a makeup case and a fancy wrap for the LONG one hour flight.  I really bought it for work because I am FREEZING there but if I tell myself it's for a business trip it seems more justified.

On my first week at work I went to Starbucks to get a coffee on my lunch break.  A woman approached me and asked if she could ask me a couple of questions about my skincare routine.  When she found out I only use soap to wash my face she almost fell off her chair.  She offered me a free facial and told me I could invite my friends too.  When I told her I wasn't in to doing group events she said it could be a one on one facial if that's what I preferred.  She was a Mary Kay sales rep.  I was impressed with how she was getting out there to approach people but also a little sad too.  The new Harpers has a very interesting article about Mary Kay beauty consultants in this months issue.

P.S. The newish Justin Bieber album is on Spotify.  He's a man now.


  1. You need these for your desk

  2. Wacky beats serious on a daily basis....yay for wacky people...!
    Sad to say - you know I've used free hotel soaps courtesy of work travels for most of my advanced age and have great fun looking at people's expression when I tell them
    I use soap and water....they're like whaaa? :)