Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This morning I went in early for a TWO HOUR e-learning lecture (!) with funny slides of people in business suits looking smug, people smiling while pretending to talk on the phone and others walking knowingly with a file in hand.  My work is currently strict on adhering to work hours and breaks so I was able to leave at 4:15pm.  Apparently once you are off probation you can stay in the building as long as you want to manage your work.  Kind of scary.


Annnyway, since I had a little extra time after work I brought the Shrigley print to a frame shop in Midtown.  Leaving something that is kind of pricey (to me) and sort of irreplaceable with someone I don't know makes me nervous.  The guy at the shop was really helpful though and listened to what I wanted and made suggestions.  I frame some things with Ikea frames but I wanted something special for this.  The frame will cost almost as much as the print.  Dang!

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  1. Dude! Framing is so expensive. I once saved up coupons for $2-off-a-framing job from this photo/framing place I used to go to in RI. Every time I got film developed I got a coupon. I saved up like 50 coupons, and still spent $100 when I framed this Champagne poster that I bought for 5 euros. Oh well, it is really nice looking!