Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot lips x 4

There's a Walgreens next to my work and I love a good deal on drugstore cosmetics.  Buy one, get one half price.  Sure, why not?!

These are lip balms (duh) by l'Oreal with a little bit of colour.  They also have spf 15 and smell so good.  I have one in pink and one in a more reddish tone.  I like the pink one better.  Seriously, it's halfway gone and I bought it last week.

This is colour riche caresse, also by l'Oreal.  I have one in red and one in pink.  I like them both equally, just like my cats.  The colour is more noticeable but doesn't make you look like a you-know-what (a tramp).  It doesn't have spf though.

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