Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fancy footwork

I'm excited for Sacramento!  The Launch festival was really cool.  There weren't any ins and outs once you were in the park so I didn't go until around 4:30. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea.  The stage was set up in a spot where it was shady so we weren't all dying of heat and there was free vitamin water all day long.  That was a smart idea.  

Colourful stage flair.

Cardboard structures

There were food trucks!  I tried the tricycle grilled cheese from Drewski's and had a bite of J's po'boy which was delicious.  I can't remember which truck that was from.  There were a couple of shaved ice trucks and a Mexican truck with ceviche tostadas which eventually ran out of ceviche.  I think all the vendors did really well.  Drewski's had a lineup the whole time!

!!! were pushed off the stage in the worst way.  They played around 6pm because the bands were behind schedule and had only been on for about 40 minutes when it seemed like the sound guys gave them some sort of warning to wrap it up.  When they didn't, the sound guys turned OFF the sound halfway through a song.  It looked like things were maybe going to get scary/iffy onstage but the next band started on the other stage so quickly that the audience seemed to quickly forget what had just gone down.  Pretty lame because now !!! will never work with the Launch people again and they drew a big crowd.

Launch ladies  
(I totally only just noticed that the lady on the left between J and A is making a fish face.  Photo bomb!)

The fashion show portion of the event was awful.  That made me feel even worse for having !!! booted off the stage.  There was some nerd rapping (I typed wrapping first) over a Phoenix song as the models walked down the catwalk.  It was the worst part of the event.  A entertained herself with a free copy of Sactown.  I wish I'd grabbed one.

I had no idea DJ Shadow was from Davis.  He was so pumped to be there and gave a little intro about how he got into music and how happy he was to be able to share it with so many people.  Kind of cheesy but kind of cool.  His set was really good, I was surprised because the albums I have are pretty sample heavy and scratch-y and not really good for dancing.  What's not surprising is that there were glowsticks available.  I couldn't have helped myself if I tried.

When we were driving to the after party I thought it might be a good idea to take them off.  Cops, everywhere!

We got into Harlow's pretty quick even though the line was loooooooong.  If you had a wristband from Launch it was $10 to get in and without it, $25.  People were paying it though which is crazy because it was already 12:30 at this point.  I hope Sac has more events like this!


  1. dang! You guys went to the after party too?! I am such an old lady. Thanks again!!

  2. I didn't. I went home and soaked my feet and watched Hoarders.

    -the old lady

  3. Our housewarming party had an after party too, just sayin.