Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cover that up.

What about this dress?  Va-va-voom! The material might be a little chintzy but I like the idea of it.  The first photo is the fancypants version and the 2nd is the cheapskate version.  I'm drawn to the expensive one since the model's chest is sort of (read: exactly like) mine whereas the cheapie one is definitely nothing like it.

On the completely opposite fashion spectrum here is a funny video for Pringle of London by David Shrigley in case you didn't see it on my fb yesterday.  It's a couple of years old but so good.  I have a couple of his albums and they are funny and creepy.  

If I was a millionaire I would wear this sweater from their 2012 collection on rainy days like today.

WELL GEEZ.  I just looked up one of the Shrigley albums I have and it's going for a pretty penny on amazon.  


  1. That video is very cute, although I've never heard of Pringle of Scotland. I'm more of a tweed fan myself, but again, it's extremely expensive :( And yes, the rain(and damp)in Scotland does my head in too.

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