Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday

How was your weekend?  I didn't find a single deal thrifting in Vallejo.  There were some cute vintage white pyrex mixing bowls that I thought were 30% off but when I discovered they weren't I deemed them overpriced.  I am missing them a little bit but it's not like I'm short on bowls.

This was one of the highlights of thrift shopping.

I'm guessing the theme is Valentine's day for the one on the right.  Not sure about the one on the left.

Vallejo marina

After our thrift store adventures, we went to a bar near the marina instead of My Office because I read on yelp that someone had been shot and killed there in February. Turns out it was February of last year but still.  We played it safe and watched the locals sing awful karaoke and had pizza at Napoli's.  Delicious.

It's seriously spring now and  I'm on the fence about sunscreen again this year.  Last summer I wore it the whole time and was as pale as can be and still got wrinkles.  I suppose it will make a difference in the long run.  

(side note: did you see Lindsay Lohan on SNL?  What has she done to her face?  Plastic surgery is (currently) a mystery to me but it's even weirder when people under 50 do it.  I thought she looked older because of it.)

I always wear sunscreen on my face in the summer and use Clarins self tanner for a bit of colour.  If you apply it correctly, it won't get streaky.  It's the best one I've tried.

Some ladies and I enjoyed the sun yesterday and drank a fancy cocktail in the garden.  I wore jeans and was too hot and it made me think about summer dresses and sandals.  I went to the Rack to see if they had any springy stuff out yet and there wasn't a single cute sandal to be found.  I tried on a couple of silk blouses that I was keen on but they were out of my no-income budget.  I got some cheapies from Old Navy instead, including two striped items from the sale rack.  I just can't quit stripes.  Please don't intervene.


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