Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm loopy in the mornings.  I'm usually recovering from a dream and feel disoriented.  This morning I woke up wondering about all the different foods that the Queen of England had eaten in her lifetime and thinking about how all the different food and health trends affected her and the cooks in her castles.  Then I pictured a ginger glazed chicken.

I think I've been watching too much Downton Abbey.

When I finally rolled out of bed, I looked online to see if there were any royal-type cookbooks and THERE ARE!  I requested them both from the library.  The first, was published in 1971 and has prized recipes from royals around the world and the other is from 1998 with recipes from English royals.  I love the cover of the first book.  Who wouldn't want a spread laid out in the shape of a crown?

I also found a more recent book by a royal pastry chef who moved up to be Princess Diana's personal chef. 

I requested that one from the library too.  ROYAL OVERLOAD

Pomp and circumstance

Has anyone flipped through or made recipes from these books before?  I'm especially excited about the pastry sections.  I do love a good royal pastry.  My go-to pastry and cake recipe book is the St Michael Cakes, Pastries and Cakes cookbook that was my Dad's (and maybe also my Grandma's?)  It can be bought for the unreasonable price of one pence on amazon UK.

Did anyone watch America's Next Top Model last night?  I caught the last thirty minutes.  I was glad they didn't cut the Scottish girrrl because I like to hear her talk.  What was with the flag lips?  You can buy them!
I don't know anyone who want to but you can here


  1. Can't believe that with a Welsh father and Scots mother you call her the queen of England... as for the guy who became chef to Diana, i could make unkind comments about part time work, but I won't.

  2. Pat's mom has the St. Michael's book as well, I think. I can think of another British cookbook you would enjoy, it's not a royal one though.