Thursday, March 15, 2012

Job hunting

There isn't anything much worse than job hunting and tailoring several cover letters to the job I'm applying for which basically say, "PLEASE CALL ME I'M THE BEST".

I applied for 5 jobs yesterday and am still waiting to (possibly, hopefully) hear something back from my old job, which was actually a really great place to work.  I had my own office with a door, a window, had speakers so I could listen to my own music and almost had art of my own choosing up on the wall (I had to leave because of my expired work permit right after they ordered my art prints) and my boss and supervisor were really great.

Ocean Park #10, Diebenkorn

I hope I get some calls for interviews.  I like to get something new for my interview outfit whenever I'm on the prowl for a paycheque.  It makes me feel a little more confident when I'm wearing something brand new.  I think a bright silk blouse might be nice with a tweed skirt and heels.

I am really into blouses right now.  I'm an old marm.


  1. You don't need heels, you'lll just intimidate your interviewers !

  2. I love blouses! In fact, I'm going shopping tonight for some.

  3. I love lady-like blouses!