Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rare ingredients

Don't these look delicious?

Well, they weren't!  Suckered again.  Thanks SF supermarket!  I was expecting some cake-like treats with sweet filling but these were dry rice-flour-y things with the driest, barely sweet filling I've ever had.  I was worried for the whole drive home that they would get crushed under all the other groceries too.  All that worry for nothing.  The green one on the left  is coconut and the yellow one is durian.  They're two of my favourite fruits but these "treats" didn't taste like anything.  They were $1.75 EACH so I can't justify throwing them away yet.  Maybe I'll give them another chance or bring them to a potluck.

We did get lucky with some dehydrated veggie pieces that look like a cross between croutons and chips in the package. At first I thought they were chips but you add water to hydrate and cook them like meat.  And surprisingly they taste just like meat!  Just kidding.  V made his famous Cuban arroz con pollo with an extremely rare and delicious Cuban spice.  Well, it's not that rare but sort of hard to find unless you're in Cuba, or Miami, which I think is where we got our last packet.

According to the Bijol website it's a MIRACLE SEASONING and I'd have to agree because it made dehydrated veggie protein taste delicious.

We also bought this boxed cake mix which needs SIX eggs.  I thought, because the photo shows a green cake, that it was pistachio flavoured.  It's pandan flavoured.  V looked it up and told me pandan is a leaf.  I might need to add some miracle seasoning to the cake.


I got a phonecall yesterday from Strikes bowling alley because someone wanted to let me know about the family reunion that was being planned at the bowling alley.  All this time I've had family in Sacramento and didn't even know it.


  1. HAHAHA. Thanks again for the chuckles, Shanny. Who knew Canadians were nice AND funny. Well, at least you have the funny part. ;) It must be the brit in you.

  2. Our Asian market buys are Kikkoman soya sauce, Jasmine tea, Dashi, and tofu.

  3. You can get Bijol at Save Mart on Folsom Boulevard.

  4. You must be mistaken. It is only available in the mean streets of Cuba and Miami's black market.

  5. I bet I know why Bijol is so good: msgeeeeeeeeeee