Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trending now

Looks like I was a few months behind on the lip stickers trend I mentioned in this post.  I read an old Glamour magazine from December and they had a whole article on leopard print, glitter, and flag lip stickers.

I am WAY ahead of the trend on coloured jeans though.  I've been going through some old photos because a friend is working on a blog project and needs some oldies.  I have been uncovering some real gems.

Here I am at 12 in my sassy red jeans.  These might have been my introduction to "designer" labels.  They were Guess brand and I felt very, very cool when I wore them (which was exciting because I was not cool at all - look at those bangs!).  I am pretty sure these jeans had a hand in getting me invited to a Valentine's day party in grade 7 where we played spin the bottle and listened to Right Said Fred.   The hostess said, "come to my party, and wear your red jeans".  I didn't wear the oversized white and neon windbreaker to the party but most likely an over sized Esprit shirt.

This photo was in my horse riding days*, 2 years before my tragic skiing accident when I broke my tailbone and could never ride again.  I say tragic because I had to bring a pillow to school to sit on in class for three months.  I wanted crutches and a cast at a bare minimum! Nobody can sign "get well soon" on a pillow with a straight face.

*Full disclosure: I am pretty sure I have only ridden a horse once.

Twenty years (!!!) and three months or so later I tried on some coloured pants at the Rack but couldn't quite get on board. I think it was the pants though, they were more like leggings and bunched in the wrong place.  You know where.  THE KNEES.

Purple sausage legs

I also tried on some green cords that V spotted on the sale rack at anthro last month.  I really liked them (fit and colour) but thought they wouldn't transition well in the summer being cords and all.  This outfit was cute but I felt too Urban Outfitters in it.

I really liked that scarf.

Also trending, men playing with remote control cars.  Is this just in my neighbourhood?  I've seen four different grown men in different areas of Tahoe Park playing with their mini cars.  It's odd.


  1. Next time we hang out I'm bringing you a butt pillow!

  2. That would make me very happy! It still pains me, all these years later!