Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flippity flop

Flip flops always feel too casual for me unless I'm at the beach or in the backyard.  My casual California lifestyle transformation is not quite complete.


I like sandals that have a heel strap for summer bike rides and the ones I've worn for the past few summers are starting to fall apart.  I'd been browsing online for a new pair for a few months but then I got bad blisters from getting sand in my black flats at the beach last weekend and had to wear flip flops IN PUBLIC because I couldn't wear real shoes.  Now I am getting more serious about my search.

(Side note to husband and family members: I have also been spending equal time in my job search.)

All these styles look the same, I know.  I like them because they're secure but look a little dressier than flip flops.

Fossil makes shoes?  I like this neutral style but the ankle strap might be too thick.  I like the little lift in the heel.

I like this style and the variety of colours available in this sandal.  I think if I wait a little bit longer there will be something like this at the Rack soon.

I like the metallic and neon combo in these shoes but I'm not too sure about the heavy heel cover.  

Do you shop for shoes online?  When I do, I like to shop at zappos.  They ship for free both ways on their regular site and have free returns for up to a year.  You can also request a vip membership for free and get next day shipping.  I bought my silver wedding shoes from zappos a week before our wedding. (awww)

In other fashion news, I love, love LOVE this polka dot top from J.Crew.  88$ though?  For a cotton blouse?!  Please let nobody else love this so it goes on super sale.  This model has me rethinking coloured jeans.  Again.

I took a break from sewing the bird wraps for V last night to watch J.Simp on Fashion Star.  What a weird show.  All the designs are boring and kind of trashy.  Kind of like the show.  The winner of each (?) episode has their designs in either H&M, Macy's or Saks the next day.  It would be an interesting concept if the designs were better.


  1. My GG used to wear sandals like these. She was always very fashionable and always looked pulled together. Love them!

  2. I can't believe you haven't gotten into the coloured jean trend! Do it already. I have a pair of red jeans and another pair of purple ones, which I'm especially looking forward to wearing this summer, because I live in Scotland and that is what we're reduced to here: jeans in summer. I just got a pair of Gap dark denim jean leggings though, so I'm loving those right now. Seriously though, get a pair. The photos you posted looked good, I'm not sure where you get the knees thing about.

  3. Ha ha! The knee thing was a joke, I was actually referencing the CROTCH bunch! All the reasonably priced jeans I've tried are too much like leggings and don't fit me in the right places. The best pairs I've tried are higher priced and I don't want to spend that kind of money until I have a job! fingers crossed!