Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These were the days

My Mum knitted us those sweaters.  Aren't they great?

I wonder if those older women who walk around with glittery cat purses, and cat t-shirts used to wear things like this?  Or maybe they were deprived and that's why they're going overboard now.  

V bought a wall hanging like this to display at work for only 45 cents at a Vallejo thrift store.

Since I do still like actual cats I sometimes get cat-themed gifts.  I received a blanket once that had cats sleeping on a book-filled bookcase and each of the book names had been changed to incorporate the word cat.  Have you read Caterbury tales or Lord of the Fleas?  The blanket is at a Sacramento thrift store somewhere if you're interested.

Some cat themed gifts are actually pretty cute.  Like these.

This sad little cat hanky has an equally sad product description

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