Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunny beaches and blue skies

It's pouring outside, I've arranged buckets in the back room to catch drips and now I am picturing myself on a sunny beach, preferably in the South of France.

Dress and swimsuit from anthropologie, royal blue bag from Marc Jacobs, shoes by Chie Mihara



Almost two years ago (!) I was STRANDED in Nice for an extra day because of a train strike.  I stressed for a bit trying to get another hotel to stay in and re-book my train ticket but then enjoyed my extra day on the beach.

Train strike notice at the bus stop

Vive les chats!

I can't leave the country while my legal status change is being reviewed and that makes me itch to go somewhere even more.  Once I'm working again and we save some money, the plan is to go on a honeymoon somewhere beachy and warm.  Maybe Hawaii?  Neither of us have been.

Stay dry this weekend!  Tonight I'm making pizza for some lady friends and having some wine.  Cozy times.

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  1. What I wouldn't give to be stranded in Nice right now!