Monday, March 12, 2012

Pins and needles

That would describe the weekend.  I did some more work on the wraps and had some crummy movies on in the background.  Side note: Quarantine 2 is so bad I had to turn it off.

Pinning and cutting 

You must be dying to know the status of my immigration paperwork.  My work permit came on Friday!  There is a scary looking black and white photo of me that looks like it's from the 1900s and one of my fingerprints on the front of the card.  My name and birthday are written like they're on a flag that's blowing in the wind, all squiggly like but there's no flag in the back.  It's a weird looking card. Maybe they could hire me as a designer.  Seriously, the jobs out there look bleak.

One of my friends (who is also going through the same process with her husband) on fb commented that my immigration paperwork was moving along very quickly.  I suppose based on some of the comments in the immigration forums out there that it is.  This morning I got another letter from the government.  Our interview is April 16th!  Submit your practice questions here and I will attempt to answer them.

And now, a  giant cat watching water drip in a bathtub.  It's all I've got today.

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  1. Get that drip fixed. Water is a scarce resource.