Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the mumps

I try not to whine online too much but gosh, yesterday was a bummer, wasn't it?  I felt bleh and didn't want to do anything at all.  I thought it was just me but then I looked on facebook and saw that a handful of other people were moaning about what a horrible Monday they were having.  That made me feel slightly better.

What made me feel a lot better (seriously) was eating what I'm assuming was a disgusting burger for dinner at Downtown's Kitchen BBQ vs. Vegan.  I'm assuming it was disgusting because the "restaurant" is inside the Round Corner so it was pretty dark when I was stuffing it in my face and I couldn't really see what I was eating.  I got a bacon burger that had onion rings on it and what I think was some sort of cheese sauce.  I loved it.  Everyone on yelp raved about the fries but they were dry and disappointing.  Also disappointing was the quinoa patty that the Mr. got for his burger.

Why did we eat here?  A Groupon, of course!  When we got home V did some stand-up for me and had some really good jokes about groupons expiring.  I laughed so hard I almost threw up my disgusing/delicious burger.  Do you buy groupons?  We have one for a dental cleaning and one for the dive bar that are both expired.  Sorry teeth and mermaids!

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  1. Now I feel bad because I had a really good Monday! Love the meat eater vs. vegan burger contrast with you and the Mr. btw :)