Friday, March 9, 2012

One man band

I mean, one lady factory.  It's a mess over here.

V is going to a conference next week where he and his wildlife rehabilitation group will be speaking and offering their ideas on rehabilitation.  I've been busy making fabric wraps to help wrap injured birds and mini sock-type things to protect their feet.

The wraps have flaps that need velcro sewn on and my wimpy plastic 90s Singer isn't heavy duty enough to sew through it so I'm using two machines to complete the job.

My first sewing machine, still going strong for light duty jobs

A neighbour gave me this vintage Singer when it didn't sell in a garage sale she had a few years ago. It can only do a straight stitch but is super powerful, can sew through anything, and doesn't have a finger guard. 

I've made 12 wraps so far and need to make a total of 40!


  1. Kinda like me knitting 50 plus whales stuffed with batting and catnip for cat toys for the Humane Society. Tedious but very rewarding....!