Monday, March 19, 2012

Lovely lace

I feel bad for anyone who doesn't like lace and/or stripes.  I went to the mall last week and these trends are on every store mannequin... but I'm not complaining.  I have at least 5 stripey items in my closet right now and am searching for the perfect lace top.

I'd like one that isn't see through, too tight, too boxy, or too 90s (Victoria Secret online has a lot of all 4 of these "styles").  I saw a pretty top in the new Nordstrom catalogue (the one in the casual date night panel below) that looked great in print and online but in the store it was a dull ivory, not the white I was hoping for.


  1. very cute! i love that purple purse. of course it's kate spade!

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