Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book recommendation

Oh my gosh, I'm reading the best book ever!  JUST KIDDING!

I have an interview tomorrow!  As nerdy as I feel to have it, this book is actually helpful.  I review it every time I have an interview so I can go over potential questions in my mind before the day.  I really wish the interview was today because I'm going to be worrying for another 26 hours.

This silk blazer is so pretty.  I would love to wear it to the interview but it's too expensive, even on sale.  Also, I would probably get it all sweaty because of my FRAZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZLED nerves.

I am really hoping to do well on the interview so please send many positive thoughts my way.  I've read that this company can interview for up to 4 hours, which seems SO long but that includes aptitude tests and meeting the team.  Details tomorrow.


  1. Good luck. You are perfectly hire-able and charmingly competent.


  2. That blazer is nice! Good luck tomorrow! I know you're gonna get it!

  3. There is no doubt in my mind- you are going to kill it!