Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot Trends

Remember chain letters?  I once did one in highschool for a panty exchange where you had to buy one pair of underpants and mail it to the first person on the list and then you'd get hundreds of panties in return.  That was weird and I never got any panties.

Isn't the word panties gross?

It's not exactly like a chain letter but my real-life far away friend, Danielle, is doing a blog challenge type thing where you write about 7 things that are currently "trending" in your life.  I don't think I've ever been very trendy because I buy, read, eat, drink and think about things that I like and am interested in and don't worry too much about what other people are into.  Although there were those really sparkly shoes that I returned last year because too many people thought they were ugly.  I guess a little bit of influence is a good thing.

1. Pocket sunscreen stick

I picked this up last week at a grocery store (along with mint and limes to make birthday mojotos for V).  As an older lady, I have a couple of sunspots that I want to keep covered up when I'm out in the sun.  Along with my regular sunscreen I put this zinc sunscreen stick on the larger spots and keep it in my purse for touch ups.

2. Red pants.

Ok, fine.  Coloured pants are a serious trend that I wasn't sure I could pull off but I do like my red pants because they are actual pants and not stretchy leggings like a lot of the ones out there.  I got them on insane clearance at Macy's (75% off).  They were the last ones on the rack and in my size.  I couldn't pass them up for 35$.

3. Movies at the Drive In/ Horror movies

I love horror movies and I love the drive in.  Those 2 things together are perfect!  Last night we saw Cabin in the Woods.  I need to see it again because some of the movie scenes were too dark for the brightness of the Drive In so I couldn't really see what was going on at very key moments.  Also, screen three at the Sacramento 6 Drive In has bright white lights behind it from what seems to be a parking lot beyond the theatre which was really distracting and made it harder to see.  (Also, trending now : me whining about screen 3 at the Drive In).

4. Organised paperwork

In the past year I've had a lot of different paperwork floating around that I need to keep organized.  I use coloured folders, pretty folders, fancy paperclips and post it notes to keep organised.  Last week I was getting my health insurance sorted out and this week I'm working on car insurance and changing my name.  I have a bunch of these coloured folders in different sizes.  They're great for keeping everything sealed and together.  I keep my passport and birth certificate in a half sized one.
5. Party Jams

Essential mix on BBC Radio 1,
Radio 1's dance and hip hop shows.
Bay Area hip hop station KMEL
Gotta Dance Dirty music blog
Fact music mixes
Dublab mixes

6. Ladies night/ Friends with cable

My ladies and I have have a weekly TV night.  We've been watching AMC's MadMen and HBO's Girls.  When season 2 of American Horror Story starts up we'll watch that too.

7. Inside jokes, cute love notes and mini vacations with the Mr.

If any of my blogger pals linked on the right feel like writing about their 7 favourite trends, let me know and I'll link to your posts.


  1. I will tell you my 7 trends if you give me a movie post.

  2. Well, seeing as all I ever talk about is food, I suppose I'd trend that-a-way. But HORROR MOVIES? Who knew?

  3. I love it! Thanks for 'trending.' Btw, I haven't heard the word panties in AGES, and yes, it is a gross word :P