Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Summer is definitely here.  It's so hot out!  Makeup melting weather!

I saw a print ad for some tinted moisturizer with SPF from Nars.  I'm curious about it so I did a little bit of snooping online to see what other people thought of it.  It has mostly great reviews.  Has anyone tried it?  Someone wrote that it has silicone in it which I think has given me issues in the past.  So, if silicone works with your skin it will make it look smooth and radiant but if it doesn't it will make you break out and look like a pimply teen.  I'm not sure I'm willing to drop $40 to find out which category I fall under.

Are there any other tinted moisturizers that you recommend?  I am currently putting on my sunscreen and then using Clinique's Perfectly Real foundation, which I love because it's so light but putting 2 things on my face every morning is getting dull and what I want is PURE RADIANCE!!!!

In other beauty news, I have decided to start doing some exercise again.  I had to buy myself a new pilates ball.  Let's say my old one got lost in the move.  My new one is exactly the same as my old one and arrived last week.  I've been doing sit-ups and push ups every other day so I'm going to get really buff and start frequenting Bar West.  Look out Sacramento.


  1. HAHA! Love this post. Made me giggle. I just started taking bootcamp classes and heard the place has a LivingSocial deal coming up...you should join me.

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  3. You should go to Sephora and try some. I like to go in there and try a few products I am interested in and then spend the day with it to make sure my skin doesn't react (I have very sensitive skin). Also, things look different in the sunlight, so it's good to get outside and look at yourself before buying. I've been hoping to find some perfect light sunscreen/moisturizer/foundation combo. Keep me updated if this one is good

  4. I'm going to head over there today and try it and hopefully get a sample to try over a few days. I'll let you know, A!

  5. You might want to look into these:




  6. Clinique cityblock, it's awesome, I wear it EVERY day!

  7. Because I am cheap, I use the Neutrogena one and it is fine for me. I tried the Benefit one but it's greasy.

  8. I wear Tarte tinted moisturizer. I think it looks very natural and it's also a natural brand....no parabens, etc. I like it!