Monday, May 21, 2012


Look at this WILD escape artist!  Llorca is an indoor cat but he sneaks out whenever he can.  He is not the most slender of cats but he sure can squeeze through a tiny door opening.  Look how small the door crack is!  He opened it himself when we weren't looking.  Sneaky.

Did you have a great weekend or what?  We went to Bolinas on Friday so V could get his surf on and then drove to Point Reyes looking for dinner.  We ate at Cafe Reyes.  They have wood fired pizzas and organic salads so we shared one of each.  We also shared an awful overpriced bottle of wine.  Apparently the oysters are delicious if you're into that.

After dinner we wandered around the tiny town and stopped in for a drink at the Old Western Saloon.  There were photos of Charles and Camilla above the bar and two glasses in a plexiglass box.  The bar tender was busy keeping tabs on two dudes who looked like they were ready to start a fight so I didn't get to ask him about the royal visit.  Here's a funny article about their visit to Point Reyes in 2005.

A while back we picked up a hammock at a Vallejo thrift store because our old one ripped when someone sat in it.  V set it up this weekend in a shady corner of the yard.

Yesterday some lady pals and I hung out.  In preparation for our moonbeam pagan ritual we snacked at Tres Hermanas.  That place is dirty!  And our waitress had a nasty attitude!  However, the beautiful presentation of my burrito made up for everything.

See that knife with the wooden handle?  It was a handle full of dangerous wood slivers.  I'm not sure why I received a steak knife to eat my bean and cheese burrito.

Margarita and Horchata

Ambiance: bud light in a sombrero

We sat around and burned our eyeballs a little watching the eclipse last night.  Did you see it?  The light in the park was really interesting, like a dull version of how things should really look.

Sun and moon

Moon shadows

Binoculars and white card stock



  1. I'm just writing about my weekend now. That photo of the burrito looks like something you made at home, not from a restaurant! Cool eclipse photos.

  2. I've been seeing a lot of eclipse photos in the blogging world today - neat! I am also totally jealous of your sunshine and cold adult beverages. :-)

  3. I think the burrito made me sick! I'm not feeling so great today.