Friday, May 18, 2012


Have you ever had chicken pox?  I haven't.  I got the blood work back from UC Davis yesterday and they found out I hadn't had it and wanted to give me the vaccine.

I started signing the paperwork and then read that you have to agree not to get pregnant three months after the injection, which is fine, but out of curiosity I asked, why not?  The nurse said that the virus was an active virus and could kill a fetus.  At that point she told me that if I do get the vaccine I might also get chicken pox and wouldn't be able to leave the house for two weeks if I get it.  WHA!  That's when I changed my mind and was able to sign a release stating I'd agreed not to have the vaccine.

I looked at a couple of photos of chicken pox online but they aren't very nice.  So instead, how about this:


  1. If I hadn't already had chicken pox I would totally get the vaccine. Chicken pox can lead to shingles later and let me tell you, they are not pleasant.

  2. I agree, get the vaccine! My sister had shingles & it was really painful. The chances of actually getting chicken pox from vaccine are pretty slim.