Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gross to sexy

I love watching horror movies but grossness for the sake of grossness is a waste of time.  I'm a little behind (get it?) but I finally watched Human Centipede II.  It's on Netflix streaming.  I saw it in 2 installments because halfway through V came home from work and I didn't want him to have to see someone's tendons being pulled out of their knees (and also because I was very, very ashamed).  It really was one of the worst (as in bad) horror movies I've seen.  The story was weak.  I prefer the ones that are tense as opposed to super gross.

This is the main character.  His body made my stomach churn but I was still able to sleep last night.

One of the most disturbing horror movies I've seen is Martyrs.  Have you seen it? It is really violent and tense.  I saw it a few years ago but I remember cringing at some of the final scenes.  I recommend it if you have a very strong stomach and brain.  Just when you think the worst is over, there is a whole other level of awfulness.

On a completely different movie note, we watched a Beach Boys movie with some pals last night in preparation(?)/anticipation (?) for the show on Friday.  I liked it.  I barely know anything about the Beach Boys.  Maybe because I didn't really listen to them growing up.  I don't think my parents did either but I could be wrong about that.  I remember mainly listening to reggae records, Sergio Mendes, George Michael and dance/pop music when I was younger.  

What a hunk.


  1. Look at you, posting about George Michael every chance you get! Haha!

  2. That Beach Boys photo reminds me of a human caterpillar.

  3. No, we didn't listen to the Beach Boys. All that harmonizing made me nauseous...!

  4. Recently I was on a kick where I watched all the Pusher movies, which are not very gory and Scott walked in (he never watches movies) and sat down just as a scene came on with a drug dealer guy slaughtering a dude like an animal (hung up by a hook and everything). It was the grossest scene out of all three movies! I felt like I had been caught watching torture movies.